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The game had reached over 140 million visits, and had over 86k likes and 40k dislikes as of July 8th, 2020. It also reached over 523k favorites as of October 15th, 2021. Puppet was most likely shut down due to copyright infringements, since all of the characters resembled Sesame Street characters. Pictures of Elmo were […]

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The launch of Apex Legends Mobile in April 2021 sparked a frenzy in the gaming community, luring gamers from all over the world. For over two years, Apex Legends Mobile has been under development and testing. Following much beta testing, the game’s developer Respawn Entertainment (under EA’s guidance) has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile will […]

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Her we also must mention My Little Pony Camp Fun, My Little Pony Rock Concert, and My Little Pony Winter Fashion. Just as we said, it really does not matter which pony game you will play. New Joy Farm Entertainment makes big events even more fun and memorable with pony rides, bounce house rentals, face […]