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Our digital services
in detail:

Our cloud-based service PISA (Personal Informative Secure Archived) provides you with a secure electronic client portal. It is very easy to use: just scan and upload your tax documents – and you’re done!

Our handling of your tax consultancy documents is digital, secure and transparent. So, wherever you are, you can always access your business evaluations, payroll documentation and personnel files, as well as your legal documents, contracts, tax returns and balance sheets.

If desired, you can also share information with us on a completely digital basis. With PISA, you can make your data and supporting documents available to us digitally and retrieve your evaluations in your electronic client portal once they have been processed and archived.

Mit unserer eAkte haben wir eine Basis für kollaborative Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Mandanten und deren Partner „in der Cloud“ geschaffen. Die eAkte dient zur sicheren Bereitstellung von projektbezogenen Unterlagen, die gemeinsam bearbeitet werden sollen. 

Der temporäre und gemeinsame Zugriff auf elektronische Daten für Banken, Wirtschaftsprüfer, Betriebsprüfungen durch Finanzämter und Sozialversicherungsträger, Unternehmensberater, etc. ist unter Beachtung der strengen Anforderungen des Datenschutzes gewährleistet. Durch unsere moderne Verschlüsselung kombiniert mit einem hochsicheren Rechenzentrum können Sie bequem und sicher von überall aus mit uns arbeiten. 

Bearbeiten, speichern und teilen Sie Ihre Daten mit uns, Ihren Partnern oder Ihrem Team – immer sicher und modern verschlüsselt. Unsere eAkte nutzen Sie dabei jederzeit und überall – mit Ihrem Computer, Tablet oder Smartphone. Zusätzliche Kosten entstehen Ihnen dadurch nicht. Die eAkte ergänzt und unterstützt unsere Mandantenakte „PISA“ in idealer Weise.

Legally binding GDPR-compliant solutions for employers

Our eEmployee portal is another big step towards digitalisation. In the eEmployee portal, you can provide your employees with their wage and salary documents online. This significantly streamlines the distribution of wage and salary documents.

The benefits at a glance:

  • More time: less time needed for distributing documents to employees.
  • Lower costs: no postage costs for sending documents.
  • More flexibility: employees can access their documents at any time, wherever they are.
  • Less paper: no more paper documents for employer or employee.
  • Better for the environment: reducing paper consumption is also a significant step towards protecting the environment.

The following employee documents are available in the eEmployee portal:

  • monthly payroll
  • social security reports
  • income tax statements

The documents are clearly archived, and secure access is guaranteed via individual access codes. The eEmployee portal offers a legally secure solution for employers and employees, meeting all the requirements of the GDPR (see also the article entitled “Mit der DSGVO im Einklang” (“Compliance with the GDPR”) in the journal Lohn & Gehalt 06/2018).


This best-in-class digital creditor management system eliminates the time-consuming creation of purchase orders as well as the processing, checking and assignment of incoming invoices. Clients in more than 25 countries are already using this system. When will YOU step into the digital future?

Simple and digital

People are the most important resource in any successful business and they need special attention: the edtime and edpep ETL client solutions are the right tools for you to efficiently manage human resource work and meet the necessary legal requirements. Time recording and human resource planning are essential, particularly in industries based on hours worked, such as petrol stations, catering, hospitality and retail.

Time recording with edtime

The paper time sheet is a thing of the past! The eurodata solution is called edtime and allows our clients to effortlessly comply with all requirements. Working times are recorded and documented to the minute via the electronic time recording system. Employees can manage their working time account with the mobile time clock on their smartphone, tablet or desktop. In addition, absences are logged and holiday requests are submitted and easily managed by the employer.

Human resource planning with edpep

Shift scheduling using software? Efficiently deploying personnel? With edpep, our clients can combine the simple creation of shift schedules with the actual recording of working time, in one application. Using graphical displays, the software supports efficient human resource planning. All the information is available at a glance with just one click – simply drag and drop to assign personnel deployment to the desired time period, simply and easily.

Want to know more about edtime or edpep?

For an initial overview, you can attend one of the free eurodata webinars. Or contact us directly, so that we can put you in touch with the right people for a free trial version. For more information on the functionality and costs of these client solutions, contact

A secure alternative

A collaboration between the ETL Group and Vimcar

Vimcar is a widely available, tried-and-tested product in the electronic mileage tracker market. Experiences from previous field tests show that the automatically recorded data is unimpeachable and that the mileage tracker cannot therefore be rejected, if properly managed.

Terms and conditions for ETL clients

  • 15% discount on the current list price
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • 30-day free trial

Benefits of Vimcar

  • Vimcar meets all the requirements for electronic mileage trackers as per the German Ministry of Finance (BMF) circular dated 18.11.2009, Federal Tax Gazette (BStBl.) I 2009, p. 1326.
  • An audit report from KPMG on the IT compliance requirements for electronic mileage trackers is available here:
  • The mileage tracker log can be exported as a PDF, CSV, Lexware or WISO file. The digital signature on the PDF extract confirms the data integrity to the auditing tax authority.
  • All journeys undertaken in private cars will be logged in compliance with the GoBD (the German Fiscal Code’s principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access). All the information in the mileage tracker is archived and then codified after seven days.
  • This is particularly important for vehicle fleets or for private cars used exclusively for business purposes: The employer can inspect the mileage tracker at any time and can therefore know which routes the employee has taken when travelling.
  • No installation or assembly costs for the device

Calculate your tax savings in comparison with the 1% method

How it works

20% discount for ETL clients

With the Lunchit app, employees can benefit from having their daily lunch expenses subsidised or paid in full by their employer. The employee uses the app to take a photo of their lunch bill. Using electronic data traffic, the amount to be reimbursed – agreed between Spendit and the employer – is credited to the employee at the end of the month via the monthly payroll.

A collaboration between the ETL Group and Spendit

If you want to be an attractive employer, you offer your employees incentives. Spendit offers businesses an innovative structure to tangibly demonstrate that they value their employees. The solutions that Spendit offers help to make the business more attractive as an employer, motivate employees in the long term and reduce fringe benefit costs to the business.

The Spendit card works as a pre-paid Mastercard debit card. Spendit also offers additional modules, meaning that other modular remuneration components can be loaded onto the card by the employer on a fixed monthly or individual basis.